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Redesigned HD2 helmet. The internal equipment is made according to the PASGT design, while the quality of the calotte and the ballistic performance of the helmet remain unchanged.

  • Large area of head protection with ear area coverage
  • Multi-point suspension system
  • Easily adjustable helmet positioning system with space for ventilation and mitigation of projectile impact trauma
  • Safety buckle on the cheek strap, for quick removal of the helmet
  • Available in sizes M (small), S (medium) and V (large)
  • Equiped with ballistic visor and ballistic back cover for neck protection
  • Possibility of packaging in a protective bag
  • Color according to the customer’s requirements
  • Produced in accordance with NIJ 0106.01 and STANAG 2920 standards, level of protection IIIA, speed of fragments V 50 > 650 m/s

The HDMD helmet, designed to cater to the requirements of specialized demining units, is essentially a classic PASGT helmet integrated with a ballistic visor to shield the user from blast impacts and high-velocity fragments.

BOA® Fit System enables the user to extra fine adjust the helmet size. The BOA® Fit system allows for precision fit adjustment and quick release for safety, and the best performance.