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About Mile Dragić Production

Mile Dragić Production, Serbia

Mile Dragić production offers a wide range of products that protect Human life against many threats: from the effects of various weapons as blast and bullets, from the effects of natural forces such as fire, high temperature, electric shock and chemicals agents.

The company Mile Dragić Production was founded in 1985.

Started as a small workshop, over time it grew into an internationally recognized company, synonymous with the production of ballistic and other protective equipment, clothing and footwear.

Among other things, our assortment includes: ballistic protective vests, ballistic and Anti-Riot helmets, ballistic plates, Anti-Riot and other protective equipment intended for protection against high temperatures, electric shock and chemical agents.

All our products are made of high quality materials and certified in renowned accredited laboratories. They have great utility values, are extremely comfortable, light in weight and have a high degree of safety.

With quality work and intensive product development, we want to contribute to the satisfaction of our clients’ needs, develop a relationship of trust and long-term cooperation.

Production capacities

Highly specialized dedicated program (equipment for military and police forces and other security services).

Program for physical and technical security (equipment intended for private agencies for security and individual protection of civilians).

Protective equipment program in industry (fire suits EN 469, single layer fire suits EN ISO 15614; Nomex® work uniforms for the oil industry, ironworks, foundries and electricity).

Tarpaulin program (heavy covers for all types of trailers and trucks as well as all other types of specialized covers for the protection of equipment and personnel).

The company’s production process has the following production facilities

The hard ballistics plant includes the production of ballistic protective plates, ballistic protective helmets and ballistic shields.

The soft ballistics and apparel plant includes the production of ballistic protective vests, uniforms and holsters.

The Anti-Riot and camouflage equipment plant includes the production of Anti-Riot kits, camouflage equipment for manpower and technology.