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MICH helmet design, light and reliable, specially developed for the needs of tactical units. Highly sophisticated ballistic materials guarantee head protection, while the helmet design provides the best balance between comfort, protection and adaptability to the user’s needs.

  • Ergonomic design with a smaller side notch
  • 30% less weight compared to the classic PASGT type helmet
  • Non-restrictive field of vision and ambient hearing
  • Easily adjustable to the user’s head
  • Interior equipment with construction to reduce impact trauma
  • Available in three sizes: M (small), S (medium) and V (large)
  • The possibility of upgrading with additional equipment via the injection-molded rail system
  • Possibility of packaging in a protective bag
  • Color according to the customer’s requirements
  • Made in accordance with the standards NIJ 0106.01 and STANAG 2920 for the speed of fragments V 50 > 650 m/s

The HD2M MICH helmet is designed to meet the diverse needs of tactical units. Its lightweight construction and ultra-low profile shell ensure optimal comfort and maneuverability. It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of communication devices, gas masks, glasses etc…

BOA® Fit System enables the user to extra fine adjust the helmet size. The BOA® Fit system allows for precision fit adjustment and quick release for safety, and the best performance.