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The HIGH CUT design of the helmet is characterized by excellent ballistic characteristics, lower weight and exceptional multi-functionality. Compatible with night vision devices, thermal camera, communication equipment, etc.

  • A model with a high side cut
  • 40% less weight than the classic PASGT helmet model
  • Easily replaceable interior equipment cushions made of polyurethane foam or 3D breathable material
  • Fine regulation of the volume of the internal equipment by means of a tension wheel on the back of the helmet
  • Available in sizes M (small), S (medium) and V (large)
  • The possibility of upgrading with additional equipment via the injection-molded rail system
  • Possibility of packaging in a protective bag
  • Color according to the customer’s requirements
  • Compliant with standards NIJ 0106.01 and STANAG 2920 for the speed of fragments V 50 > 650 m/s

The HD2HC HIGH CUT helmet is tailored to the demands of elite units. Its lightweight design and ultra-low profile shell prioritize comfort while seamlessly accommodating an array of communication devices, gas masks, glasses, and more.

BOA® Fit System enables the user to extra fine adjust the helmet size. The BOA® Fit system allows for precision fit adjustment and quick release for safety, and the best performance.