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We are pleased to introduce the PASGT HD2 design helmet, meticulously crafted from composite materials to offer unparalleled ballistic head protection and anti-trauma capabilities for military, police, security services, rescue teams, and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Extensive coverage, including protection for the ear area
  • Extended front for rain protection and enhanced visibility
  • Easily adjustable positioning system with built-in ventilation for comfort and mitigation of projectile impact trauma
  • Available in sizes: M (small), S (medium), and V (large)
  • Upgradable with additional equipment
  • Can be with a protective bag for convenient storage and transport
  • Customizable interior equipment options
  • Customizable color options to meet customer preferences
  • Protection against fragments and gun ammunition, with a focus on minimizing trauma
  • Compliant with NIJ 0106.01 and STANAG 2920 standards, providing level IIIA protection with a fragment speed of V50 > 650 m/s
  • Codified according to NATO standards STANAG 3150 and 3151

The PASGT HD2 helmet is designed to meet the diverse needs of various units. Its lightweight construction and ultra-low profile shell ensure optimal comfort and maneuverability. The extended front design not only shields against rain but also maximizes the field of vision. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with a wide range of communication devices, gas masks, glasses, and balaclavas.

For unparalleled protection and versatility, trust the PASGT HD2 helmet to safeguard your team in any situation.

BOA® Fit System enables the user to extra fine adjust the helmet size. The BOA® Fit system allows for precision fit adjustment and quick release for safety, and the best performance.