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De-mining armor

It provides effective protection of the upper part of the user’s body from injuries and serious consequences that may arise when fi nding hidden mine-explosive devices and demining insuffi ciently known lighters, improvised explosive devices and other dangerous and suspicious objects.
  • Ballistic protection on the front of the vest
  • Integrated collar and groin protector
  • Optional shoulder straps with Driker system – elastic band in the sides for better positioning and mobility
  • Front ballistic plate pocket
  • External pockets and fi ber webbing for storing accessories
  • Hermetically sealed ballistic charge resistant to large deformations
  • Available in color upon request
  • Available in several different sizes
  • The possibility of upgrading the level of protection with a ballistic plate
  • Manufactured in accordance with the NIJ 0101.04 standard – protection level IIIA for the front parts of the vest