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De-mining armor


Part of the demining equipment for protecting the user’s legs from the effects of the explosion of ground-based explosive devices. The multifunctional sole provides a greater distance between the explosive body and the foot, absorbs fragments of the explosive device, enables the dispersion of impact energy through a larger area and reduces the impact of overpressure on the body.

  • The upper part of the boot is made of high-quality natural leather
  • Natural leather lining with climate membrane
  • Three-layer protective sole:
    1. Rubber bottom layer of the sole
    2. Middle layer of 30 mm thick microporous material for shock absorption from detonation
    3. Upper layer with ballistic plate for maximum reduction of the trauma effect caused due to the effect of detonation on the feet

The weight of the boot in size 42 is less than 3200 g.
Available in multiple sizes.
Made according to the French measurement system from size 41 to 46.
Tested by static and dynamic method with anti-personnel landmines containing explosives equivalent to 50 g of TNT.