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Ballistic vests


A reliable vest made of quality and durable water-repellent fabric, the design of which, in addition to increased mobility, provides comprehensive protective coverage of the upper body, thus increasing the ability of the end user to survive in extreme conditions.

  • Full ballistic coverage with overlapping ballistics in the shoulder area and belt area
  • Easy and quick removal of the vest
  • Lining made of airy cushioning material, to free the body from excess heat, less sweating and greater comfort
  • Hermetically welded ballistic charge
  • MOLLE webbing system distributed on the outside of the vest, for optimal deployment and number of combat resources according to the requirements of the mission and the individual user
  • Handle for pulling the user out of the danger zone
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in more colors on request
  • Option to upgrade ballistic protection with ballistic protectors (collar, shoulder straps, front and rear groin protector)
  • The possibility of increasing the degree of protection through ballistic plates
  • Conforms to the standard NIJ STD 0101.04 – degree of protection IIIA