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Ballistic vests


A high degree of mobility and fl exibility increases the user’s speed and agility, and enables carrying the optimally necessary equipment for performing tasks.

  • Optimum ratio of user mobility and vest weight
  • Hermetically sealed ballistic charge
  • Spaced textile solution for better air fl ow reduces accumulation of body heat and sweating
  • Waterproof sleeve for packing ballistic charges
  • A special portable accessory on the shoulder straps, with integrated non-slip fabric and spongy elements for exceptional comfort and prevention of skin irritation on the neck
  • The optimal surface of the MOLLE system for easy and quick hanging and replacement of holsters
  • Front fl ap pocket, with three elastic cords to accommodate three spare frames
  • Reinforced rescue handle
  • One size fi ts all
  • The possibility of increasing the degree of protection through ballistic plates
  • Compliant with the standard NIJ STD 0101.04 – level of protection IIIA