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Ballistic shields


A light-weight radius shield, easy to carry and use, suitable for tactical operations where fl exibility and speed of action are vital. It represents an excellent compromise between the degree of ballistic protection, light weight and maximum comfort.

  • Protection level IIIA
  • Optional labeling of the shield with an inscription on request
  • Curved side edges of the shield to protect against shots fi red at an angle
  • Curved visor for a better peripheral view of the terrain
  • LED lights intended for use in conditions of reduced visibility and providing a tactical advantage in the form of blinding the opponent
  • Possibility of production in other dimensions
  • LED lighting on/off button
  • Horizontal handle for carrying the shield
  • Optional packaging in a protective bag
  • Conforms to the standard NIJ STD 0101.04 – degree of protection IIIA