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Ballistic shields


Freestanding shield with the level III of ballistic protection. It consists of several parts that can be disassembled and transported more easily. The upper part of the shield can be used separately.

  • Level of protection III
  • A powerful LED spotlights for lighting, equipped with a rechargeable battery and a charger
  • Hidden lighting cables
  • Ballistic protection level III visors for easy observation
  • Collapsible design for ease of transport and storage
  • Detachable upper side wings with handles and possibility of separate use
  • Trolley with 360° rotating wheels
  • Robust and reliable, almost silent wheels with brakes
  • Loophole in the middle with an opening handle
  • Conforms to the standard NIJ STD 0101.04 – level of protection III
  • Possibility of production in other dimensions