Firefighter working suit FD-9


MD-Firefighter suit is produced of high-technology DuPontTM Nomex® materials. The set is intended for the maximum protection of firefighters during interventions when they are exposed to high temperatures and flames.

The protection is provided by the suit construction. 

The firefighter suit has a thermo-insulating lining, a moisture barrier to prevent water penetration and a breathable membrane. Clothes made of DuPontTM Nomex® fabrics withstand high temperatures (non-combustible during short exposure to flame) and they are comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. The accessories built in these products are made by reputable producers such as 3M®, YKK® and others. This type of clothes is ergonomically adjusted to it’s assignment. It’s quality is confirmed by Accredited EU Laboratory STFI, according to EN 469. DuPontTMNomex® materials are widely used for making protective clothes for firefighters, car racers, aircraft crews and other people that work in dangerous environment.

MD Firefighting suits FD-9 comply with EU directives
and standards:

  • 89/686/EEC – Appendix II
  • EN 469+AC (level of performance X2, Y2 and Z2)