Tactical belt


Tactical Belt is intended for Special Units. The belt is produced of high durability synthetic cloth, padded with foam and bordered with synthetic brim tape. Belt is length adjustable and is fastening with double retention plastic buckle.
Various holsters can be attached to the belt, for instance:

  • magazine holster
  • handcuffs holster
  • thigh rig pistol holster
  • radio device holster

The holsters are produced from highly durable synthetic cloth and have openings for pulling the belt through. The Motorola holster is intended for type GP-300 and equipped with a synthetic lace for securing the device. The handcuffs and magazine holsters have covers with snap buttons and Velcro. Holes in the bottom provide water draining. The design of Thigh Rig Pistol Holster combines secure weapon carrying with quick drawing. The weapon is secured with plastic or webbing tapes. The pistol holster is fixed to the leg thigh harness that is mounted to the belt via strap that is length adjustable. Holster with leg thigh harness is made of highly durable synthetic cloth and padded with foam. Consisting part of the harness are synthetic and elastic straps for wrapping around the thigh for holster retention, thus enabling quick weapon drawing and re-holstering. The holster has drawing force regulation system.

Colors: Black

Model: CZ99; Magnum 357; Glock 17/19; 7.62; HS2000; Sig Sauer 225


No. Composing parts of the belt Product code
1. Magazine holster 31900499
2. Handcuff holster 31900599
3. Thigh rig pistol holster 31900699
4. Radio device holster 31900799
5. Belt 31900899
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