Demining helmet HD2DM-1

DEMINING HELMET HD2DM - 1 (31300899)

Demining helmet with visor is used to protect experts for explosive devices against high-velocity fragments. The helmet offers protection against bullets and fragments of explosive ammunition, bombs and extreme heat. The helmet shell is made of composite materials by unique technology. The shape of the helmet protects ears and allows the use of microphone and radio-telephone systems.

The helmet consists of a shell, suspension/retention system and a visor. The weight of helmet with visor is ≤ 2950g and their ballistic performance is V50>650m/s.

The visor is made as laminated of acrylic and polycarbonate material and is attached to the helmet. The visor protects the face against fragments and projectiles of high velocities and has following ballistic performance: when using bullets 9 mm PARA (FMJ 8.0 g, Vmax is 441 m/s). It is adjustable and offers a clear and wide field of vision. Weight of the visor is 1040g.

Because of the extraordinary characteristics, high ballistic protection level, optimal weight, security and comfort, helmet with visor became a part of standard equipment for military and police bomb squads.

The series of investigations were conducted according to STANAG 2920, NIJ STD and MIL STD 662 standards.
The accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed by the team of experts. All metal parts are protected against corrosion.


 Ammunition AmmunitionWeight Maximum Velocity Energy
  (g) (Gr) (m/s) (f/s) (j)
9 mm PARA 8 124 441 1450 780
9 mm NORMA 19022 7.5 116 410 1345 630
7.62 mm Tokarev (steel jackte) 5.5 85 450 1480 555
357 MAgnum JSP 10.2 158 396 1300 800
44 Magnum SWC-GC 15.5 240 441 1450 1510