Demining suit MD-06

DEMINING SUIT MD-06 (31308999)

It is made to protect the user working in minefields or with explosive devices against dangers that arise from possible detonations, such as high-velocity fragments, high pressure and intense heat.

DEMINING SUIT MD-06 consists of following parts:

  • Protective hoses and sleeves
  • Protective vest
  • Belt with shoulder straps
  • Helmet with visor M-97A
  • Transportation bag
  • Hand and foot protection

Total weight of demining suit for standard performance is
21 kg. Various colors and design are available.
The front and back of the vest have pockets for inserting
hard ballistic plates in order to increase the protection level
up to level III or IV (NIJ STD 0101.04.) There are four
smaller pockets on the front of the vest for placing necessary equipment.
Available sizes: L, XL, XXL


Threat Class Test Bullet

Bullet Weight (g)

Bullet Velocity ± 9.14 m/s Max. Backface Deformation (mm)
IIA 9 mm FMJ RN 8.0 341 44
IIA  40 S&W FMJ 11.7 322 44
II 9 mm FMJ RN 8.0 367 44
II  357 Mag JSP 10.2 436 44
IIIA 9 mm FMJ RN 8.2 436 44
IIIA  44 Mag JSP 15.6 436 44
III 7.62 mm NATO FMJ 9.6 838 44
IV .30 Caliber M2 AP 10.8 869 44


DEMINING SUIT MD-06 provides following levels of protection
NIJ 0101.04 STANAG 2920, V50
1. Protective vest (front side) IIIA > 500 m/s
2. Groin protector (front side) IIIA > 500 m/s
3. Collar protection (front side) IIIA > 500 m/s
4. Protective hose (front side) IIA > 400 m/s
5. Protective sleeves (front side) IIA > 400 m/s

The visor provides protection from bullets 9mmPARA (FMJ 8.0g, Vmax=441 m/s).
The protection level of DEMINING SUIT can be upgraded by inserting ballistic plate (front) of the following protection levels: level III or level IV per NIJ STD 0101.04.

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