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A word from the owner

A word from the owner


Doctor of Technical Sciences “New Technologies in the Protection of the Human Environment”

As a parent, I know how important family is. Therefore, I am extremely glad to be able to say that “Mile Dragić Production” is still 100% privately owned. In the years that have passed, it has become clear to me that a homely attitude towards work, dedicated work, insistence on true values and quality survive.

We have worked long and hard to ensure that every product that comes out of our production lines is made in top quality, that our work processes and quality system are certified, we keep pace with world technologies and apply them in our work. I am especially proud of the large number of satisfied users who cite our brand as a concept of quality.

I invite you to take a look at the rich range of products we have prepared for you during the first 25 years of our company’s existence, which is constantly being improved and supplemented with new models in accordance with new technologies and your requirements. And that is why, after less than 35 years of business with you, our partners, as our slogan says, “KEEP GOING”!

Company “Mile Dragić Production”

Founded in 1985. Created as a small workshop, over time it has grown into an internationally recognized company, synonymous with the production of ballistic and other protective equipment, clothing and footwear.

The company’s headquarters are located in Zrenjanin, an hour away from Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia. This location was carefully chosen because the city of Zrenjanin has a long tradition in the textile industry.

The company “Mile Dragić Production” has international recognition in the production of ballistic protective equipment, which includes: ballistic protective vests, ballistic and intervention helmets, ballistic plates, intervention equipment and other protective equipment intended for protection against high temperatures, electric shock and chemical protection. Our products are made of high-quality materials, high use value, extremely comfortable, lightweight and high degree of safety.

Production capacities

Highly specialized dedicated program (equipment for military and police forces and other security services).

Program for physical and technical security (equipment intended for private agencies for security and individual protection of civilians).

Protective equipment program in industry (fire suits EN 469, single layer fire suits EN ISO 15614; Nomex® work uniforms for the oil industry, ironworks, foundries and electricity).

Tarpaulin program (heavy covers for all types of trailers and trucks as well as all other types of specialized covers for the protection of equipment and personnel).

The company’s production process has the following production facilities:

The hard ballistics plant includes the production of ballistic protective plates, ballistic protective helmets and ballistic shields.

The soft ballistics and apparel plant includes the production of ballistic protective vests, uniforms and holsters.

The intervention and camouflage equipment plant includes the production of intervention kits, camouflage equipment for manpower and technology.

All our products are certified in renowned accredited laboratories

We are especially proud of the production of ballistic protective equipment for individual protection, which includes ballistic helmets, plates, vests and other products made of ballistic materials that we produce in accordance with the following world standards: NIJ STD 0101.04 and 0101.06, NIJ STD 0115.00, NIJ STD 0106.01, STANAG 2920, MIL STD 662.E, GOST 50, TRBS-SK as well as SORS and SRPS.

All our products are certified in renowned accredited laboratories.

As part of the development and production process, we have our own laboratory for testing ballistic materials and equipment. We also receive feedback on the quality of our products from customers in the field, whether it is testing through combat simulations or in real situations.

By investing in its own product development, the company “Proizvodnja Mile Dragić” has so far completely won the production of almost 90 pieces of equipment for the needs of the Serbian Army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia. We are proud that our products today are standard equipment for our military and police forces.

In the daily use of the Serbian Army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia are:

Ballistic protective equipment

Helmets, plates and vests

Anti-riot gear

Vests, arms and legs protectors, batons

Protective suits

Demining suits find NBC suit

Standard gear

holsters, carriers, ammo bags

Camouflage equipment

camo suits and camo

nets different types

Protective equipment

protection against high temperatures,

electric shocks and chemical exposures.