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Youth judo club Belgrade Mile Dragic finished first

On October 21st, the city of Zrenjanin and the Crystal Hall venue hosted a team judo tournament named "Pobednik Zrenjanina" (Winner of Zrenjanin). The second in line "Pobednik Zrenjanina" and the organizer of this event is the domestic judo club Proleter MD, whose general sponsor is Production Mile Dragic.

The tournament was for junior teams, for judo competitors of class 1997 and younger.
Out of the total of 11 teams participating, the first place was taken by the excellent youth judo club Belgrade Mile Dragic.
In the second place was the judo club Rakovica, while on the third was the Bulgarian team Topalov. Other teams who participted are Partizan (Belgrade), Partizan (Kikinda), Cement (Beocin), Dinamo (Pancevo), Juns (Novi Sad), Sloven (Ruma), Omladinac (Stepanovicevo) and domestic Proleter MD. organizer of this competition, which reached the quarter-finals.
We congratulate all the clubs and teams participating in this tournament on the displayed skills and on their final placement.
Makedonska 11, 23000 Zrenjanin
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