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Visit of Serbian Armed Forces delegation

On 24 October 2017, the production facilities of the company "Production Mile Dragi─ç" were visited by a delegation of the Serbian Armed Forces. This is the expert council of the infantry genus led by the Council President, Brigadier General ┼Żeljko Petrovi─ç.

The delegation visited the company facilities and saw the entire production program and new models of equipment developed at the company Mile Dragi─ç Production, equipment which could be used in equipping the Serbian Army.
A tour of production plants was made, as well as laboratories for testing of protective ballistic equipment. In this occasion, delegation was convinced of the achieved level of development of the production process and the quality of our products, especially in the quality and enhancement of protective ballistic equipment. All this is presented in a practical presentation within the laboratory.
At the end of the visit, it was concluded that this visit was of both mutual pleasure and significance for both sides.

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