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Donation for Emergency Medical Help (SHMP)

On this day, 07. 06. 2017, successfully is implemented donation for Emergency Medical Help (SHMP) based in city of Zrenjanin, on mutual complacency of our company "Mile Dragi─ç Production" and SHMP.


The donation is intended to help Health Center "Dr Boško Vrebalov" Zrenjanin, under whose auspices is SHMP, as a stretcher (sacks) for the evacuation of patients in difficult conditions on the ground.


On this occasion, the company "Mile Dragi─ç Production" donated ten of such support sacks, which will certainly be useful for emergency aid.


The company "Mile Dragi─ç Production" two years ago, also donated sacks to SHMP service, and aswell is commited and trying to help various organizations, societies, sports clubs and cultural institutions.


Makedonska 11, 23000 Zrenjanin
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