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Top Universal

This vest is intended for personnel exposed to high risks due to field work. It provides maximum body protection which comprises basic protection of the chest, back and side area along with optional protection of the shoulders, groins and neck.  Additional protection of the chest, back and sides is provided by inserting ballistic plates into suitable pockets. Additional comfort and air circulation is achieved by incorporating XD spacer fabric. Webbing straps on full outer vest area for attaching any pouch configurations.

Levels of ballistic protection according to NlJ standard 0101.04 or NlJ standard 0101.03:
IIIA, (as well as III, III+ and IV with ballistic plates)

Level of stab resistance according to: NIJ STD 0115.00

Optional ballistic accessories:
Additional protection: type A, type B and type C
Filling opotions: full
Colors: various colors available as per customer request.
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL


Product code: 31302699


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